Use Cases: How our customers are using our technology

Available in a variety of configurations, Tekelek level measurement technology offers cost-effective solutions for a variety of liquid level monitoring applications.

Here are some use cases that provide insight on how Tekelek ultrasonic tank telemetry helped a variety of customers across a range of industries.

Use case study for Tekelek GSM ultrasonic sensor in the equipment rental sector:

Customer Objective:
Action developed the Action Remote Manage System (ARMS) to improve project deliverables. This Action system monitors and manages their pumps and systems, from any PC or mobile device, reducing dependency on site-based supervision and manual monitoring. Readings are taken at predetermined intervals, providing comprehensive recording of system performance, for sharing amongst project Stakeholders.
To add to their remote monitoring Action required a cost effective solution to monitor contents of diesel fuel tanks in remote locations in the Gulf region in order to better manage replenishment etc. Action looked to the market and identified Tekelek as the solution provider.

Action selected Tekelek’s GSM Tank Sensor which is an ultrasonic sensor with GSM communication capability, from Tekelek for this purpose. The proven reliability, performance and cost point makes it an ideal choice for the application. The combined tank level monitoring and GPS capability of the TEK733 made this the ideal product to give the customer the exact functionality required.
The application of Tekelek technology is broad but the core benefits remain – accurate and reliable information in real-time for operational optimization and increased profitability

About Action:
Action is the Gulf Region’s leading specialist in the field of pumps, water management and water treatment, also offering a range of power and compressed air solutions. They offer a range of solutions from product sales, equipment rental to turnkey project execution.

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