Tekelek’s LoRaWAN product portfolio awarded certification by LoRa Alliance

Tekelek is pleased to announce its TEK766 LoRaWAN Level Sensor and TEK790 ATEX LPG Level Sensor is fully certified by the LoRa Alliance. The LoRaWAN certification process has been conducted independently at 7 Layers GmbH laboratory in Rathingen, Germany. New certification ensures that Tekelek formally complies with the LoRaWAN specifications and is compatible with LoRaWAN networks.

General Manager, Oliver McCarthy said “While our RF module was already compliant with the LoRaWAN specification, completing the formal LoRa Alliance certification process further reinforces both product’s excellence and standing in the market”.

About LoRa
LoRa is a wireless technology developed to enable low data rate communications over long distances utilising sensors and actuators for M2M and IoT applications. It is reportedly attractive for many applications because of its long-range capability, ability to enable battery-operated assets to function for years, and its low cost/high return on investment (RoI) benefits. LoRa’s advantages consist of its excellent range, low power consumption, good data security, and good ability to penetrate obstacles. In addition, it is completely bidirectional, enabling remote control applications.

For information on Tekelek’s LoRa product portfolio, please contact sales@tekelek.ie

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