Tekelek technologies for SMART management of biogaz fuel inventories

Tekelek showcases smart tank technologies for intelligent monitoring and management of biogaz fuel inventories at Biogaz Europe 2018, 7th-8th February, Nantes, France.

As an extension of Tekelek’s core IoT hardware offering, Tekelek’s TEK766 contactless ultrasonic LoRaWAN Level Monitor will enable Tekelek to serve the LORA fuel-oil, water and chemical markets while the TEK790 ATEX rated LPG LoRaWAN Level Monitor will focus on domestic and light commercial LPG applications.

“This new development allows us to capitalize on advances and economies in IoT technologies to provide greater intelligence on management and procurement of Biogaz fuels,” said Oliver McCarthy, General Manager. Tekelek presents an exciting opportunity for greater efficiency and improved asset management in the Biogaz sector.

Tekelek has established a strong global market with a range of tank monitor technologies. Tekelek also specializes in the design and manufacturing of measurement solutions including liquid petroleum monitoring technology. These are collaborative and customized products that pride themselves on meeting environmental highly regulated environmental standards. Our remote monitoring solutions aim to be communications agnostic providing a complete range of communication protocols from radio frequency to cellular to LoRa.

“IoT in Biogaz applications is facilitating smarter decision-making and leaner, more agile businesses,” Oliver McCarthy, General Manager, Tekelek said today. “We’re very excited to apply this thinking and our technology to the Biogaz market-place”.

Learn more about our ATEX certified LPG Propane Tank Monitoring products here; TEK561 LPG Propane Sensor. TEK643 ATEX GSM Logger, TEK790 ATEX LPG LoRaWAN Level Monitor

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