Tekelek participates at Energies Expo in Arras, France.

Tekelek was delighted to exhibit at the Energies Expo together with Objenious [part of Bouygues Telecom] showcasing all the benefits that LoRa technology offers.

The event brought together nearly 500 partners active in the Fuel Oil market. Feedback on the impressive rollout of a LoRaWAN network in France highlighted opportunities that LoRa technology offers. Long range, low cost, high capacity, secure, geo-location standardized M2M network capability opens wide ranging opportunities across market sectors and, sharing a stand with Objenious, it was fantastic to see the huge uptake on LoRa technology at this event.

This is an exciting time for IoT. Tekelek is delighted to be at the forefront developing a LoRaWAN Level Sensor and LPG LoRaWAN ATEX Level Sensor. To order sample units, contact sales@tekelek.ie

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