Tekelek Expands IoT Activity with Wine In-Process Remote Monitoring System Partner Project.

Commencing in April 2018, Tekelek is excited to announce that we are now active in a Wine In-process Remote Monitoring System (WIReMS) project together with Tomware s.c.a.r.l. of Italy and FreeSense Solutions B.V. of the Netherlands. European Union supported, the WIReMS project is a concept of automatic system to perform real-time monitoring and control of wine fermentation. 

Fermentation is by far the most important in wine production process. Winemakers commonly experience sluggish or stuck fermentations due to not complete consumption of sugars operated by yeast. This fact can decrease efficiency, cause loss in wine quality and potentially lead to economic loss.

As part of this joint project, Tekelek intends to develop and apply a real-time monitring system, using sensing nodes placed inside the wine production line and applied to the tanks, to measure critical parameters affecting wine quality. Introducing Tekelek’s tank monitoring technology expertise will focus on improved operational efficiency and increased bottom line profits. For further information on the project, contact sales@tekelek.ie 


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