Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS)

Tekelek is a leading provider of level sensing and tank monitoring solutions for Oil, Water, Propane, AdBlue, Lubricants, Chemicals and Agri Fertiliser.

From our head office in Ireland, we supply customers in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors through our worldwide network of strategic partners and distributors.

Our products are built on strong competencies in sensing and communications technologies and are designed to provide superior accuracy and reliability. They are used by a variety of customers including domestic fuel users, fuel distribution companies, industrial companies with bulk storage requirements, domestic and agricultural user with water storage requirements, etc.

Through our distributors we offer companies a complete solution incorporating accurate and reliable tank sensors and wireless communications for remote monitoring requirements.

Our Remote Monitoring Sensor Technology enables our clients to be proactive rather than reactive. This offers multiple benefits such as, optimized route planning and ability to respond to usage spike.

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