Picoty adopts Tekelek’s LoRa tank monitoring technology in France.

Tekelek is delighted to announce the launch of a large-scale deployment of LoRa-connected ultrasonic sensors with Picoty in France, which will enable Picoty to monitor tanks across its group of 27 affiliates in Western France. The Picoty Group, one of France’s largest fuel distribution companies, provisions fuel, gas, lubricants, ad blue and additives to tens of thousands of tanks in France. The project will use the LoRa network and data platform of Objenious, part of the Bouygues Telecom group.

“We have chosen Tekelek for their deep experience developing accurate and robust tank sensors,” said Mathias Schildt – Growth Development Director and Isabelle Bodecot Chief Product Manager. “Together with Objenious, which operates the largest LoRa network in France so far, they have put together a compelling solution that allows us to monitor both over-ground and underground tanks throughout France, with excellent quality and battery life. This solution enables us to better organise more efficient deliveries, reduce our carbon footprint, and optimise our logistics. We can offer this solution to a wider range of customers than before due to the cost and battery performance advantages of LoRa, meaning our customers are assured a reliable, efficient and timely fuel delivery service.”

Contact Tekelek at sales@tekelek.ie to learn more on the use cases of LoRa ultrasonic level measurement sensors.


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