New Features Added to TEK682 SMS Tank Sensor

As our history tells, we have always strived to serve our customers by offering innovative reliable solutions and continually advancing product performance. The TEK682 SMS Tank Sensor is such an example.

The TEK682 SMS Tank Sensor is a flexible and configurable ultrasonic liquid level sensor with integrated GSM modem which communicates level status via SMS.

The unit takes ultrasonic measurements of the liquid level in a tank every minute and sends periodic reports to a predefined list of numbers, the frequency of which is configurable. The unit also has alarms capability, which when enabled, will result in an alarm message being sent in between scheduled reports, in the event of the predefined level having been breached.

The latest update has improved both the customer interface and improved diagnostics. Importantly, the user experience benefits from these particular updates.

Learn more about the TEK682 SMS Tank Sensor here.


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