Tekelek Group

Tekelek is a team of innovative thinkers and experienced engineers. For more than 21 years, Tekelek has provided reliable, competitive sensor solutions and components across a vast range of industries.

We partner with many of our clients to provide bespoke solutions at a competitive price. Our industry experience and 'can do' attitude is what drives us to continuously exceed our customer's expectations. We are curious, we question continuously, we never stop learning and we apply this ethos to every project, regardless of size.

Tekelek operates in the IOT space, using our sensors to capture data which is then stored and transmitted using cloud technology to give our customers access to real time data. In our business every second counts - fast, reliable and accurate alerts when liquid, oil, water or chemical levels change saves money, time and in some cases lives. We take our work very seriously but we also enjoy what we do.

Measurement made simple using Tekelek technology... Now you're in control.