Use Cases: How our customers are using our technology

Available in a variety of configurations, Tekelek level measurement technology offers cost-effective solutions for a variety of liquid level monitoring applications.

Here are some use cases that provide insight on how Tekelek ultrasonic tank telemetry helped a variety of customers across a range of industries.

Use case study for Tekelek GSM ultrasonic sensor in the equipment rental sector:

Customer Objective:
Action developed the Action Remote Manage System (ARMS) to improve project deliverables. This Action system monitors and manages their pumps and systems, from any PC or mobile device, reducing dependency on site-based supervision and manual monitoring. Readings are taken at predetermined intervals, providing comprehensive recording of system performance, for sharing amongst project Stakeholders.
To add to their remote monitoring Action required a cost effective solution to monitor contents of diesel fuel tanks in remote locations in the Gulf region in order to better manage replenishment etc. Action looked to the market and identified Tekelek as the solution provider.

Action selected Tekelek’s GSM Tank Sensor which is an ultrasonic sensor with GSM communication capability, from Tekelek for this purpose. The proven reliability, performance and cost point makes it an ideal choice for the application. The combined tank level monitoring and GPS capability of the TEK733 made this the ideal product to give the customer the exact functionality required.
The application of Tekelek technology is broad but the core benefits remain – accurate and reliable information in real-time for operational optimization and increased profitability

About Action:
Action is the Gulf Region’s leading specialist in the field of pumps, water management and water treatment, also offering a range of power and compressed air solutions. They offer a range of solutions from product sales, equipment rental to turnkey project execution.

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Tekelek’s LoRaWAN product portfolio awarded certification by LoRa Alliance

Tekelek is pleased to announce its TEK766 LoRaWAN Level Sensor and TEK790 ATEX LPG Level Sensor is fully certified by the LoRa Alliance. The LoRaWAN certification process has been conducted independently at 7 Layers GmbH laboratory in Rathingen, Germany. New certification ensures that Tekelek formally complies with the LoRaWAN specifications and is compatible with LoRaWAN networks.

General Manager, Oliver McCarthy said “While our RF module was already compliant with the LoRaWAN specification, completing the formal LoRa Alliance certification process further reinforces both product’s excellence and standing in the market”.

About LoRa
LoRa is a wireless technology developed to enable low data rate communications over long distances utilising sensors and actuators for M2M and IoT applications. It is reportedly attractive for many applications because of its long-range capability, ability to enable battery-operated assets to function for years, and its low cost/high return on investment (RoI) benefits. LoRa’s advantages consist of its excellent range, low power consumption, good data security, and good ability to penetrate obstacles. In addition, it is completely bidirectional, enabling remote control applications.

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Tekelek embarks on global water management project with UNHCR

Tekelek is excited to announce that we are now engaging with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in remote water tank monitoring to deliver real time intelligent management of vital water inventories across refugee camps. This project also enables route planning and optimisation for UNHCR to facilitate efficient and economical logistics across global UNHCR locations.

Pilot testing of Tekelek’s SMART ultrasonic level measurement technology to remotely monitor the level of water at two selected field test locations has been well received by UNHCR.

Oliver McCarthy, General Manager of Tekelek, says, “This is an exciting and significant project for both parties. Prior to testing Tekelek tank monitoring technology, a key challenge for UNHCR had been to remotely monitor fill levels of their water tank containers, in refugee camps over wide areas and across multiple geographies. These early stage deployments are now part of the evolution in remote telemetry applications and demonstrates the real value this technology can bring to people’s wellbeing” McCarthy said.

Ongoing collaboration project development is scheduled for 2019.

View the LoRaWAN Level Sensor technical datasheet here deployed as part of this project. For further information on the project, contact

Tekelek LoRa tank monitoring technology deployed by Picoty in France

Picoty deploys advanced fuel tank monitoring solution from Tekelek to optimize business operations
Shannon, Ireland – 12 March, 2019, 09:00 a.m. GMT

Tekelek, a leading developer and manufacturer of IoT telemetry products and solutions, today announced the launch of a large-scale deployment of LoRa-connected ultrasonic sensors with Picoty in France. Under the contract, Tekelek will supply Picoty with the recently developed LoRaWAN Tank Sensor which is a flexible and configurable battery-operated liquid sensor with an integrated LoRaWAN radio. It is the first among such SMART tank monitoring devices to be deployed to the European fuel oil distribution market and will enable Picoty to monitor tanks across its group of 27 affiliates in Western France. The Picoty Group, one of France’s largest fuel distribution companies, provisions fuel, gas, lubricants, ad blue and additives to tens of thousands of tanks in France. The project will use the LoRa network and data platform of Objenious, part of the Bouygues Telecom group.

“We have chosen Tekelek for their deep experience developing accurate and robust tank sensors,” said Mathias Schildt – Growth Development Director and Isabelle Bodecot Chief Product Manager. “Together with Objenious, which operates the largest LoRa network in France so far, they have put together a compelling solution that allows us to monitor both over-ground and underground tanks throughout France, with excellent quality and battery life. This solution enables us to better organise more efficient deliveries, reduce our carbon footprint, and optimise our logistics. We can offer this solution to a wider range of customers than before due to the cost and battery performance advantages of LoRa, meaning our customers are assured a reliable, efficient and timely fuel delivery service.”

Oliver McCarthy, General Manager says “this is an exciting time at Tekelek. We are delighted to engage with Picoty and this deployment in France highlights the opportunity that SMART tank monitoring technology offers. Traditionally, cost of investment has prevented the widespread deployment of tank monitoring units to homes and businesses. Tekelek’s new LoRaWAN Level Monitors infrastructure is based on an ultra-low-power, long-range LoRaWAN network. The advantages of a low-cost network infrastructure, long life battery and low maintenance costs makes large scale monitoring now an affordable and profitable investment for groups such as Picoty”

The TEK766 LoRaWAN Monitor has the following key features and benefits:
• Real time data analytics
• Remote configurability
• 14-year battery life
• Flexible liquid level measurement solution i.e. fuel oil, water, chemicals, lubricants, liquid fertiliser etc.
• Spot and continuous inventory management

“Today, thanks to this SMART solution, which is easy to install and flexible, fuel oil stakeholders’ benefit from numerous advantages, at a lower cost Oliver McCarthy, General Manager at Tekelek.

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Tekelek LoRaWAN level sensor
(TEK 766) for liquid level tank remote monitoring


About Tekelek
Tekelek is Europe’s foremost manufacturer of products to measure and report the level of liquids in domestic and commercial tanks, including oil, lubricants, gas, chemicals, water, AdBlue and LPG. Our expanding range of own-design products offer reliable, cost effective monitoring solutions across a range of applications facilitating smarter decision-making and leaner, more agile businesses.

We provide hardware solutions for the control and transmission of level and condition measurement for a variety of applications. These devices can be monitored/controlled using hard wired or wireless technologies incorporating GSM, Broadband, ISM band or more recently LoRaWAN and CAT-M1/ NB-IoT communication techniques.

From our headquarters in Shannon, Ireland, Tekelek has been actively developing and manufacturing innovative Internet of Things (IoT) smart-energy products for more than 20 years. We are the number one supplier of ultrasonic tank monitoring devices in Europe with over 3 million devices in the field. We are at the forefront of IoT trends and pride ourselves on our ability to offer innovative level measurement products to meet changing customer needs.

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About Picoty
Picoty, headquartered in La Souterraine en Creuse in the West of France, is a family-owned company founded by Michel Picoty in 1922, and specialises in four complementary fuel and energy businesses: importing, storage, distribution of energy products, and provision of energy efficiency services.

Picoty continues to actively develop its distribution network, currently comprising 32 affiliates and 289 AVIA service stations. Since its foundation, four generations have driven innovation and expertise to build Picoty into a national referenced in the French energy sector. Picoty today is strongly focussed on improved energy management and on realising ever higher energy efficiency targets.

About LoRaWAN
LoRaWAN is a new wireless technology developed to create the low power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) required for machine to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It is well suited for smart meters, level measurement sensors, ‘comfort’, sensors etc.

Tekelek Partners with Proximus on SMART LPG tank technologies in Belgium.

For intelligent monitoring and management of LPG inventories and procurement, Tekelek proudly announces a new partner in Belgium: Proximus.

Thanks to the LoRaWAN™ network of Proximus, Proximus services to the downstream LPG industry and the expertise of Tekelek’s remote monitoring technology, this partnership will enable all LPG distributors remotely monitor the level of LPG present efficiently, economically and quickly.

Oliver McCarthy, General Manager of Tekelek, says, “New opportunities exist for both firms as IoT enables more informed, timely decision-making on when to purchase, hedge on LPG.  We developed the LPG LoRaWAN ATEX Level Sensor with an open architecture to support many different platform types operating on a LoRaWAN network.  This agreement with Proximus represents entry into a new market and an expansion of our product portfolio.”

Key Benefits of LPG LoRaWAN ATEX Level Sensor for the LPG Distribution Market:

  • Better control of customer needs, thanks to a visualization of the filling rate by customer.
  • Optimization of the planning of the delivery driver’s routes for the filling of the LPG tanks
  • Prevention of stockouts and dry failures through the generation of alerts.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

View the LPG LoRaWAN ATEX Level Sensor technical datasheet here Should you have any questions, please contact to discuss how this technology may improve your operations.


About Proximus.

Proximus Group is a telecommunications & ICT company operating in the Belgian and international markets, servicing residential, enterprise and public customers. Proximus’ ambition is to become a digital service provider, connecting everyone and everything so people live better and work smarter. Through its best-quality integrated fixed and mobile networks, Proximus provides access anywhere and anytime to digital services and easy-to-use solutions, as well as to a broad offering of multimedia content. Proximus transforms technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud and Security into solutions with positive impact on people and society. With 13,633 employees, all engaged to offer customers a superior experience, the Proximus Group generated an underlying turnover of EUR 5,871 million end-2016.

Proximus (Euronext Brussels: PROX) is also active in Luxembourg through its affiliates Telindus Luxembourg and Tango and in the Netherlands through Telindus Netherlands. Its subsidiary BICS offers best-in-class international wholesale solutions for voice and mobile data service providers worldwide. For more information, visit and


GSM GPS Tank Sensor

Our GSM GPS Tank sensor is a flexible and configurable battery operated liquid level sensor with integrated GSM GPS modem available in 2G and 3G.


Download GSM GPS Tank Sensor product specification:

Download PDF
Design Services

Great News – We’re Hiring!


Tekelek is pleased to announce that three new staff joined the company in Q4.

The new roles are in Sales & Marketing, Production and R&D.  We continue to expand with two new roles advertised in our Engineering team based at our Head Office in Shannon, Co Clare.

This is an exciting time at Tekelek and a great opportunity for candidates wishing to succeed within a progressive and growing company.