TEK608 Broadband/Internet Protocol (IP) Modem

TEK608 Broadband/Internet Protocol IP modem is compatible with the Tekelek liquid and gas fuel level tank sensors, and with the residential burner lockout/temperature sensor, providing reliable communications to the Tekelek remote server monitoring system (RMS) that monitors the tank fuel levels, central heating burner operation, and room temperatures.
With turnkey development, it could be used with other OEM wireless sensors to relay data to a 3rd party server/webserver application.


  • Remote monitoring with Tekelek sensors of:
    Burner lock-out
    Room temperature
    Fuel tank liquid level
    LPG/Propane tank level
  • General remote monitoring of OEM wireless (433/94 MHz) sensors – contact Tekelek


  • Enables sensors to be remoely monitored
  • Monitor up to 8 sensors
  • Mix and match sensors to your needs
  • Delivers data a determinable schedule
  • Immediate threshold broken notification (High/Low/Fill or Drain)
  • Powered by standard 9v mains to DC power supply (supplied with modem)
  • 433/914 MHz versions available for global use
  • Connects to spare RJ45 port of broadband router (RJ45 cable supplied with modem)
  • Can be configured via RMS software
  • Wall mount or desk mount
  • Compatible with current and future Tekelek sensors
  • Use with OEM sensors possible – contact Tekelek


Download TEK608 Broadband/Internet Protocol (IP) Modem product specification:

Download PDF