LoRa Wireless Technology Sensors

LoRa is a new wireless technology developed to create the low power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) required for machine to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It is well suited for smart meters, level measurement sensors, ‘comfort’, sensors etc. As LoRa technology is able to provide a wide area network capability, it is often referred to as LoRaWAN

Tekelek is leading the way in SMART monitoring, developing and manufacturing LoRaWAN Tank Monitoring devices.

We have developed a number of LoRaWAN enabled level sensors. Our LoRa product range includes a LoRaWAN Level Sensor, LoRaWAN Level Sensor with external antenna and ATEX certified LPG Tank Sensor.

The addition of this product range to our portfolio allows us to offer advanced IoT level measurement solutions. We can provide LoRa sensors, both as products ready to deploy, or as OEM, where you decide the functionality.

How LoRa Works

Key Features of LoRa Technology
long range, low cost, low power, geo location, standardized, high capacity, secure.

Key Applications of LoRaWAN
Smart cities, Fuel Oil & Gas, Factories and Industries, Facility Management, Agri or dedicated networks for specific verticals, e.g. waste management.

Email us at sales@tekelek.ie to discuss our LoRaWAN Level Sensor product options.

LoRaWAN Level Sensor